The Company

Universal Orchard is a division of the Grassroots Group, responsible for the marketing of a basket of dried fruit and related dried fruit products.


The Name says it all

Universal Orchard is an "international orchard" with an "evergreen season", supplying "universal dried fruit products" . We supply a wide range of dried fruit and various dried fruit products from the Grassroots factory in South Africa, as well as strategic partners around the globe. Although we supply traditional whole fruit type dried products such as mango, apricot, pear, apple and pineapple, we also offer processed dried fruit products like fruit rolls (also known as leathers) and fruit flakes (flaky fruit).


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of world-class dried fruit and innovative dried fruit related products to the leading pre-packers and retailers in the world.

The Difference

Universal Orchard offer pre-packers and leading retailers a basket of dried fruit and related dried fruit products from an international supply base. Through our strategic relationships with producers, we also offer a proper platform to market their products. Our central management of international production and annual supply of various products addresses the main challenges and risks for both producers and buyers in the industry:

Seasonal production vs. annual supply

Out-of-stock situations

Poor crop in specific origin

Cost and price variations between origins

Variation in product quality between origins

Flexibility and unexpected changes in the market


Selected fresh fruit is used to produce our dried fruit and processed dried fruit products, fruit shapes and whatever you want us to develop for you. Grassroots' well-accomplished R&D team with years of experience can also develop dried fruit and dried fruit products according to our customers’ specific needs or new market trends. We pride ourselves on our new product development capabilities and can develop and supply dried fruit products as wide as your imagination.

Universal Orchard operation

Universal Orchard have strategic relationships with producers around the world and assist them to produce world-class dried fruit and dried fruit products, according to our customers’ unique requirements and specifications. We offer our customers a wide supply base, consisting of a number of origins and also offer the producers an established market to sell their product. We have the suppliers’ and buyers’ interest at heart and build long term, mutual beneficial relationships with strategic partners in the most efficient value chain.



We work with strategic producers and buyers around the world on a daily basis to understand and manage the challenges of farming and production of world class food products, as well as to understand the ever changing market trends and demands to ensure that we create the most effective value chain to the end user.

Universal dried fruit solution


We continuously explore new production origins and production opportunities to ensure that we offer the most effective solutions to the challenges of all-year-round supply of dried fruit.  With the ever changing climate patterns, we follow new season crop predictions, yields and raw material market prices with our strategic partners. This is crucial to plan and manage the fluctuations in harvest per specific region or country. Our regular interaction and visits to farmers and factories from various countries also assist us to make well informed estimates or predictions with our customers.


Whole fruit









Golden berry



The whole fruit is sorted, cut and packed according to choice specifications (European standard), but we can also produce according to customers’ requirements. Most fruit is available in organic or unpreserved (sulphur-free). All the whole fruit is produced naturally without any added sugar, flavoring or coloring.


Other dried fruit products

Fruit flakes

Fruit cubes

Fruit lollies

Fruit rolls and mini fruit rolls

Dried fruit products developed for specific customer needs


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