- the economic utilization of Southern African aromatic and medicinal plants within a system which promotes the conservation, maintenance of botanical diversity and the optimum utilization of our natural resources.


- our basic tenets which subscribe to the value of all people and the need to uplift impoverished communities through interactive partnerships; goals which can only be achieved by running the company profitably.


- promoting our products vigorously but fairly, retaining our professional dignity at all times and ensuring a living wage for our employees, a reasonable return for our customers and a reasonable profit for ourselves.


- the name of our company, GRASSROOTS GROUP, was carefully chosen to reflect our determination to become involved in the advancements of rural communities using the indigenous plants of our country.

- We believe in responsible biotechnology that supports and enriches both the land and the rural communities that are its true guardians.


- We are committed to the conservation and diversity of South Africa's rich aromatic and medicinal plant life.


Grassroots Group (Pty) Ltd

Groenvlei Farm, Gouda, Western Cape Province

P O Box 16, Gouda, 6821 South Africa

Tel: +27 (0) 21 020 0260

Email us at: sales@grassrootsgroup.co.za