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Our range of high quality dried decorative fruits are grown in the fertile valleys of the Western Cape, where they are ripened by the warm african sun, to create colourful aromatic fruits which are then used to manufacture our quality decorative products.

The fruits are harvested, hand sorted and processed by people from the local communities, this ensures an economically viable set-up for the upliftment of all the rural communities involved. This reflects our determination to become involved in the advancement of rural communities in South Africa by using value adding to promote the agricultural products of our region. 

Through constant research and development and innovative drying technology the colours and aromas of the fruits are preserved with the special warmth of the African people. This drying technique is a simple way of preserving all the enchanting beauty of nature with the additional pleasure of creating a stylish accent for the contemporary home. Only approved food preservatives are used during the low temperature dehydration process to ensure safe and long lasting natural products for our customers. Our rich variety of dried plant material is 100% human and animal friendly and the products can be used all over the home, with stunning effects. 

Our modular drying capacity of 60 tons fresh fruit/day ensures production volumes of a variety of products and the timeous delivery of big orders. The dried products are processed and quality sorted in a controlled environment during manufacturing and packaging. For added peace of mind, our specially developed treatment against infestation will keep infestation at bay for up to 6 months. All packaged dried products are treated with food grade fumigants to ensure the highest possible protection against any insect infestation during packaging and shipping. Although all our products are 100 % natural and safe to use as decorations anywhere, their colour and fragrance will deteriorate with time. Care should be taken that products are not stored or displayed in areas where infestation, high temperatures or moisture could cause damage to them. 

The Products are all 100 % natural and contain only their original natural colour and natural fragrance. Keep fruits away from direct sunlight, store below 25 °C and keep products packed and tightly sealed during storage. 

We started from very modest beginnings in 1993 and have built long-term relations with all our customers through a consistent supply of good quality natural products. Our company is committed to promoting our products vigorously but fairly, retaining our professional dignity at all times and ensuring a living wage for all our employees, a reasonable return for our customers and a reasonable profit for our shareholders. 

As we process natural products that are seasonal it is very important to have orders and breakdowns of all product requirements as soon as possible at the beginning of each production season. This enables us to deliver on time and to ensure the best possible service to our clients. We need to communicate our needs and problems all year round to ensure a win-win relationship. 



Products are packed in various bag sizes to ensure safe and user-friendly packaging for all applications. Standard box packaging is 10 kg. For machine packaging 10 kg bulk bags can be supplied.


We have a large capacity for prepacked, price point, retail items, packed to our client’s specifications, with a header card, barcodes and labelling for your personal requirements. Any special packaging needs could be supplied under contract to ensure total customer satisfaction and confidentiality to those who would like to create their own product line.


Our standard range of fresh citrus scented potpourri can be designed for all seasons. Bag sizes are 150 g and 250 g with raffia and 200 g stand up bags.


We strive to develop new decorative products each year and keep abreast of any new trends and technology to give our clients that extra competitive edge. 

We look forward to being of service to you!

As the quality of natural products are linked to the climate and other factors outside our control, orders are accepted in good faith and acceptance is based on anticipated stocks due to seasonal supply of raw materials. However, no liability will be accepted for any losses suffered due to the Company failing to supply any botanical product, for any reason whatsoever. All orders receive individual attention. Botanical orders will be executed in season at the earliest opportunity after processing of fresh material.


See our page product range page.

Young Citrus orchard
Western Cape, South Africa

Winter view from our factory 
Wet processing facility
Dehydration trolley
Fresh fruit arrival area
Dry packaging shed
Orange Slices
Hand Packaging

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