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Indigigro (Nursury)
Indigigro develop and propagate elite selections of indigenous plants.
A range of these are sold through local commercial nurseries.
Erica abietina abietina RedPink
Erica abietina atrorosea RedPinkPurple
Erica abietina aurantiaca RedOrange
Erica abietina aurantiaca RedOrange
Erica acuta - RedPink
Erica amoena - RedPink
Erica aneimena - RedPink
Erica anguliger - Pink
Erica annectens - Red
Erica arcuata - White
Erica articularis - PinkWhite
Erica baccans - Pink
Erica banksii comptonii GreenWhite
Erica banksii purpurea PurpleWhite
Erica baueri baueri Pink
Erica baueri baueri White
Erica baueri gouriquae Pink
Erica bergiana - RedPinkPurple
Erica blancheana - PinkPurple
Erica blandfordia - Yellow
Erica blenna - Orange
Erica blenna X ? - #N/A
Erica bolusiae - PinkWhite
Erica borboniifolia - PinkPurple
Erica brachialis - GreenYellow
Erica bracteolaris - Pink
Erica bruniades - PinkWhite
Erica caffra - YellowWhite
Erica caledonica - Pink
Erica calycina - RedPurpleWhite
Erica capensis - PinkWhite
Erica capitata - GreenYellow
Erica cerinthoides - RedPinkPurple
Erica chamissonis - PinkPurple
Erica chionophylla - Pink
Erica chrysocodon - Yellow
Erica clavisepala - Red
Erica coarctata - RedPink
Erica coccinea coccinea RedPinkGreenYellowOrange
Erica conspicua - RedPurpleYellowOrange
Erica corifolia - RedPinkWhite
Erica corydalis - White
Erica cristiflora - Pink
Erica cruenta - RedPurple
Erica cubica - RedPink
Erica cubica - RedPink
Erica curviflora - RedPinkYellowOrange
Erica curvirostris - PinkWhite
Erica cyathiformis - RedPinkWhite
Erica cylindrica - GreenYellowWhite
Erica cylindrica x daphniflora - #N/A
Erica daphniflora - RedPinkYellowWhite
Erica deflexa - PinkWhite
Erica deliciosa - PinkWhite
Erica demissa - White
Erica densifolia - RedPinkGreenYellow
Erica denticulata - PinkWhite
Erica dichrus x - #N/A
Erica discolor - RedPinkGreen
Erica distorta - RedPinkYellowWhite
Erica doliiformis - RedPinkPurple
Erica dulcis - Pink
Erica empetrina - RedPink
Erica equisetifolia - PinkWhite
Erica esterhuyseniae - RedPink
Erica eugenea - PinkYellow
Erica fairii - White
Erica fascicularis - PinkGreen
Erica fastigiata - Red
Erica ferrea - Pink
Erica filamentosa - RedPink
Erica flacca - PinkPurple
Erica foliacea - GreenYellow
Erica fontana - PinkWhite
Erica fourcadei - RedPinkYellowWhite
Erica gennisa - #N/A
Erica georgica - RedPinkPurple
Erica gibbosa - White
Erica glabella glabella Pink
Erica glandulosa - PinkOrangeWhite
Erica glandulosa fourcadie #N/A
Erica glauca glauca Red
Erica glauca elegans RedPinkPurple
Erica glauca elegans alba RedPinkPurple
Erica glomiflora - RedPinkWhite
Erica goatcheriana - Pink
Erica gracilis - Pink
Erica grata - Pink
Erica haematocodon - Red
Erica haematosiphon - Red
Erica halicacaba - GreenYellowWhite
Erica heleophila - PinkWhite
Erica hirta - PinkWhite
Erica hirtiflora - PinkPurple
Erica hispidula - RedPinkPurpleWhite
Erica holosericea - Pink
Erica imbricata - RedPinkWhite
Erica inflata - RedPink
Erica infundibuliformis - RedPinkWhite
Erica inordinata - RedPinkWhite
Erica insolitanthera - RedPink
Erica intervallaris - RedPinkPurple
Erica intonsa - Pink
Erica involucrata - PinkWhite
Erica kogelbergensis - YellowOrange
Erica labialis - PinkWhite
Erica lanipes - PinkPurpleWhite
Erica lateralis - PinkWhite
Erica lavandulifolia - RedPinkPurple
Erica leptopus - White
Erica leucantha - White
Erica leucanthera - YellowWhite
Erica leucotrachela - RedPinkWhite
Erica longipedunculata - RedPink
Erica lowryensis - White
Erica lucida - RedPink
Erica lutea - PinkYellowWhite
Erica mammosa - RedPinkPurpleGreenOrangeWhite
Erica margaritacea - PinkWhite
Erica massonii - RedGreenOrange
Erica maximiliani - GreenYellow
Erica melanthera - Pink
Erica monadelphia - Red
Erica monsoniana - White
Erica multumbellifera - RedPinkPurple
Erica nana - GreenYellow
Erica nana x patersonia - #N/A
Erica nevillei - Red
Erica nubigena - RedPinkPurple
Erica nudiflora - RedPink
Erica oatesii - RedPink
Erica oblongiflora - GreenYellow
Erica orculiflora - PinkPurple
Erica oresigena - RedPink
Erica ostiaria - PinkWhite
Erica ovina - PinkWhite
Erica oxysepala - Yellow
Erica paniculata - RedPinkWhite
Erica parilis - Yellow
Erica parviflora - RedPink
Erica parvula - PinkWhite
Erica patersonia - GreenYellow
Erica perspicua - RedPinkPurpleWhite
Erica petraea - PinkWhite
Erica peziza - White
Erica phillipsii - RedPink
Erica pinea - PinkPurpleYellowWhite
Erica placentiflora - Pink
Erica plukenetii breviflora PinkWhite
Erica porteri - RedPink
Erica porteri x quadrisculata - #N/A
Erica propendens - RedPink
Erica propinqua - RedPink
Erica pulchella - RedPink
Erica quadrangularis - PinkWhite
Erica quadrisulcata - YellowOrange
Erica racemosa - PinkWhite
Erica recta - PinkWhite
Erica regia regia RedWhite
Erica rehmii - Yellow
Erica retorta - RedPinkWhite
Erica rhopalantha - PinkPurple
Erica rubens - RedPink
Erica savilea - RedPink
Erica scabriuscula - PinkWhite
Erica scytophylla - PinkWhite
Erica sessiliflora - GreenYellowWhite
Erica shannonea - PinkWhite
Erica sitiens - RedPinkWhite
Erica sparrmannii - Yellow
Erica speciosa - RedPink
Erica spectabilis - White
Erica sphaerocephala - Pink
Erica stokoei - Pink
Erica strigilifolia - PinkWhite
Erica stylaris - White
Erica subdivaricata - PinkWhite
Erica swellendam - #N/A
Erica syngenesia - White
Erica taxifolia - Pink
Erica tegulifolia - RedPink
Erica tenuis - White
Erica totta - White
Erica tradouwensis - PinkWhite
Erica transparens - RedPinkWhite
Erica triceps - PinkWhite
Erica tristis - White
Erica tumida - RedPinkOrange
Erica turgida - RedPink
Erica urna-viridis - Green
Erica uysii - RedPink
Erica vallis-aranearum - Yellow
Erica ventricosa - RedPinkWhite
Erica verecunda - PinkWhite
Erica versicolor - RedPinkGreen
Erica versicolor - RedPinkGreen
Erica verticilata hybrid - #N/A
Erica verticillata - RedPinkPurple
Erica vestita - RedPinkYellowWhite
Erica viridescens hybrid - #N/A
Erica viridiflora subsp. viridiflora - Green
Erica viscaria longifolia RedPinkPurpleGreenYellowOrangeWhite
Erica vogelpoelii - RedPink
Erica walkeria - RedPink
Erica winteri - PinkWhite
A apiculata Garlic Buchu white
A bathii "Midget" -
A betulina Round Leaf White to pink
A bisulca Steenbok boegoe White
A capensis   White
A cerefolium Anys boegoe White-mauve
A ciliaris Bergboegoe White
A ciliata Steenbok boegoe White
A collina   Cream
A crenulata Long leaf White to pink
A deilsiana   White
A esterhuyseniae   White/mauve
A glabrata   Mauve
A gonaqunsis   White
A hispida   White
A imbricata   white
A lanceolata Heuningboegoe White
A latipetala    
A marifolia   White
A martiana   Mauve
A minuta Anys Boegoe White/mauve
A mucronulata Match stick Buchu White
A muirii   White
A namaquensis   White-pink
A odoratissima   pink
A ovata "Alba" Baster boegoe White
A ovata "Blush"    
A ovata "Glentana" Baster boegoe Pink
A ovata Glentana Standard    
A ovata Kluitjieskraal Pink
A ovata "Igoda"   Pink
A ovata "Outeniqua"   Light pink
A ovata "Outenique Pink"    
A ovata Sandspruit    
A ovata Witteklip White
A scaberula 258/79  
A seratifolia   White to pink
A serpylacea PB    
A serphylacea 95/72    
A serphylacea   Mauve
A serphylacea KWH   Mauve
A sladeniana   Mauve
A trichocarpa   White to pink
A virgata   White
A af virgata fine    
Acmadenia obustata dune buchu Pink
Ac obusata PB    
A  heterophylla   light pink
Acmadenia macropetala   Pink
A mundiana    
Ac tetragona    
Ac trigona 477/02  
Coleonema alba confetti bush White
C pulchellum   Pink
C pulchellum"Gold"    
C aspalithoides    
Empleurum unicapsulare kaal boegoe  
A coriacea China Flower  
A uniflora    
A marginata China Flower  
A gummifera    
A fragrans    
Adenandra  villosa Cina Flower White-Pink
Ad Uniflora    
Ad obtusata    
Euchaetis ericoides    
E meridionalis    
Eu albertiniana    
Eu longibractiata    
Diosma hirsuta False Buchu White
Diosma haelkraalensis   White
Diosma awilana   White
Diosma gutherii    
Diosma dicotoma Silvermine  
Macrostilis desipiens    
Ma vilosa    
Ma ericoides    
Ma ramulosa    
Ma sparrosa Packhuis"  

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