“The world is our orchard and we produce universal fruit from it”


Dried fruit dates back millennia and the process of drying fruit was initially done to preserve fruit. Today, dried fruit is still the convenient and enjoyable way of getting an important part your daily nutrition from nature.

Our range of natural dried fruit without any added sugar, flavouring or colouring brings back the fun in fruit and is so easy to enjoy in today’s rushed life. Whether with your breakfast cereal in the morning, in the car, on the bus or train to work, or even at your desk, dried fruit offers a healthy alternative to convenient snacking and makes healthy eating easy and fun!

We supply a wide range of choice grade dried fruit and related dried fruit products from numerous origins. Our products are available in various brands, distributed by the leading retail chains internationally. We understand the challenges between producing and supplying choice grade dried fruit all year round and focus on effective supply solutions.

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